Talent Suitability

How VCP consider culture as strong aspect to find the best match career and talent?

As we understand every clients has different culture, we have always tried to really emphasized on non cash value also to understand the culture on each clients to make sure the candidate that we send match with our client’s organisation culture.

Does VCP has top talent database?

By time that we know client’s need, aside from the positions that the clients are looking for, we usually introduce best matched candidates profile in the market to our client’s background and culture. We want employer and talent not to miss out any chance to get to work together.

What type of candidates does Virtue introduce to companies?

We introduce candidates who passes our in-depth interview assessment and people who are fit with our client’s culture and requirements.

Recruitment Process

How VCP does assessment in the interview

Our scoring interview assessment based on candidate’s competency skill-set, interpersonal skill, decision making skill, strategic skill, leadership skill, problem solving skill and stress management.

How VCP manage confidentiality between stakeholders?

We evaluate to share and keep the information that we get from stakeholders as our commitment.

How many candidates that you can send in weekly basis?

We do have our own database. However, we also believe that every companies has different needs and culture and we want to make sure that the candidate that we send is a the best candidate that suits with the role and fit with your culture. That being said, we always try to avoid a ‘rush’ decisions in result of unsuitable and unrelevant candidate.

Recruitment Fee

How much is VCP recruitment service fee?

We understand that hiring the best talent for your company can be expensive. However, VCP can offer you the best fee that is simple, yet competitive in the market.

What is VCP fee structure of recruitment service?

Our services is no retainer fee-based. Client will pay our services when we are successfully engaged the candidate to client’s company.


When does Client make payment?

We consider succsessful placement when the candidate engaged or/and accepts an offer engagement or/and accepted any kind of engagement of employment from our Client. Thus, the invoice will be sent to you right afterwards. The due date of payment is 14 calendar days (including holiday).

What if client cannot make a payment on the due date?

There will be a penalty with interest fee that will be charged for late payment. Therefore, we highly suggest Client to make an on time payment.


How long is our guarantee period?

We have guarantee service period if the candidate that we placed is not performing or resigned before 3 months period, we provide 1x free replacement*

How to process the candidate who does not perform?

We highly suggest our client to gradually inform us on monthly basis with the performance of our candidate that we have placed in the company. Thus, if client finds some unsuccessful performance indicators, we need an advance information and also to the candidate. To manage the situation by first and foremost find the replacement accordingly.

How fast can you give replacement candidate?

We have the capacity to forecast/analyse the situation to manage further risk of any unsuccessful placement, we have backed up strategy which one of them is we always suggest clients to interview back up candidate that we have in the pipeline. On another note, we maintain relationships with them too.


Limited channels

Our database has been built since 2015 during our time in venture capital firm and we have strengthen up database from time to time by online and offline channels. On top of that, we have also collaborated and engaged with several partners from top universities both local and international.

What is VCP source and channels?

Our strong network built in region through events, alumni top university, and being in VC network is our privilege to experience real startup dynamic situation. This exposure has made our brand different and unique with good value proposition.

Client On Boarding

How is the process to become client in Virtue?

Firstly by initial meeting to get to know on our services and what are the positions you are looking for. Following with agreement that need to be signed both parties and we are good to go!

Cancelation Fee

Why do you have a cancellation fee?

As our services is a no retainer placement fee, we start our search and interview candidates prior to client’s payment. Therefore, we want to make sure that the position that we work on is critical urgent so that the headcount already confirmed. In addition, we would highly appreciate if there is no often changing requirements or job description. Because considering our resources, time and effort to work on the initial position, thus any major changes can make a huge impact to our sourcing strategy which make it back to square zero too.

How if the client closed the position by hiring internally or through other head hunter, do we have to pay for cancellation fee?

No, it is not consider as cancellation fee and you will not need to pay the cancellation fee. As long as you inform us that the position closed by whom as we might need to update the process to candidates that we have sent to you as well.

VCP Specialities

Does Virtue provide temporary or contract recruitment services?

As our recruitment services mostly focussing on above Managerial level, that being said, ideally the positions are permanent based.